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Your Dreamland Cartoon



i The description helps our artists to create the picture according to your wishes. Any details not included in the order notes are assumed by us and may lead to additional costs if the customer makes adjustments afterwards.

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Good Choice - Arrives in 5 - 10 Days

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Fulfill your dream!

  1. ✅ You as a cartoon
  2. ✅ Hand drawn by artists
  3. ✅ Digital & Prints available
  4. ✅ For your home, posting & giving away
  5. ✅ Unique gift for every occasion
  6. ✅ You, your friends, family, and loved ones will love it!

  • Order process in detail:

    1. Select the number of persons to be drawn (animals are considered persons).
    2. Select the style by choosing between full body or head & shoulders.
    3. Select the background. You can choose between no background, our ready-made backgrounds or a custom-made background.
    4. Upload your photo (we'll be happy to receive additional photos for support).
    5. Add a short description. Please tell us all the important details, such as eye color, and your wishes for the cartoon. This description is very important because we can only draw what is either clearly visible on the photos or what is included in the order notes.
    6. Look forward to your very own Dreamland Cartoon!

  • More than 7 persons & groups:

    ✅ Family pictures
    ✅ Large groups
    ✅ Kindergarten groups & school classes
    ✅ Sport clubs
    ✅ More

    We would be happy to draw you in a larger group. Of course a special group discount is waiting for you.

  • 1. How long does it take?

    We're working as fast as we can on your cartoon. However, there are times when we receive many orders at the same time, so we are very busy. We aim to deliver your hand-drawn cartoon within 5-10 business days (excl. shipping time).

    If your order is urgent, you can easily add the 'Express' option. Then you will receive it within 4 business days or even earlier. Just select your desired cartoon and click on 'Add to cart'. Afterwards, you can add the 'Express’ option. We always count full 24h days.

  • 2. Why should I buy 2 cartoons?

    You get a 30% discount on your second cartoon. Just add both cartoons to your shopping cart and use the code BUY2SAVE30. 😍

  • 3. Do all people have to be in one photo?

    No. The people in the drawing to be created don't all have to be in the same photo. Just make sure that you describe exactly how your portrait should be drawn in the note field.

  • 4. Is there a preview of my cartoon?

    A preview is unfortunately not possible, because every Dreamland cartoon is drawn individually and by hand. So the cartoon can logically only be shown after the drawing has been made. But please feel free to have a look at our before/after examples on the website or on our Instagram account.

  • 5. What size is the picture?

    The digital file is 4000x3000 pixels in size and has a resolution of 300ppi. So you get a high resolution image file from us and can print it in any size of picture frame. The printed cartoons are available in different sizes (see product information).

  • 6. How will the cartoon be sent?

    This depends on your product choice. Digital products will be sent to you by email. So it is ready to print (e.g. on a poster, canvas or T-shirt), post (e.g. Instagram & Facebook) and give away. Printed cartoons will be sent with a common shipping service provider of your country.

  • 7. How can I print the cartoon?

    We offer printed versions of your cartoon. You can decide between our PREMIUM Canvas or Premium Poster. If you select the digital file, we can recommend you to print your cartoon at online providers or your local printing service. You can find many different offers at reasonable prices.

  • 8. I did not get an email. What can I do?

    It is very rare that you do not receive our emails. Often a small look into your spam folder is enough. If you can't find what you're looking for there, you can always contact us by email:

  • 9. What if I’m not happy with my cartoon?

    Our artists are incredibly talented and always do a great job. But sometimes one doesn't hit the person from the photo in the cartoon exactly as the client imagined it. We can make adjustments until you are 100% satisfied with your portrait (additional costs may incur).

  • 10. What can I use as background?

    Whatever you like! Just tell us your idea and we will implement it. You can also choose from ready-made backgrounds.

  • 11. Do pets count as persons?

    Yes. Each animal counts as an additional person.

  • 12. Can I do whatever I want with my cartoon?

    Yes. Unlike other providers, we don't limit you. You can do whatever you want with your cartoon.

  • 13. How do I initiate a revision?

    Please fill out the Revision-Form and we will take care of your revision as soon as possible.

  • 14. What quality should the photo be that I upload when I order?

    The better the quality of the photo, the easier it will be to get an accurate idea of you and your loved ones. Please make sure that the picture is not too blurred and well exposed.

  • 15. I plan to have a large group of people drawn. Is that possible?

    Sure, just send us an e-mail to receive a group offer.

  • 16. Will I be charged for any adjustments to my order that I submit after the order is placed?

    It is the responsibility of the customer to state all the details he expects in his order in the order notes. All details not included in the order notes are assumed by us. Subsequent changes result in additional costs.

There is no real-time preview of your cartoon, because every cartoon is hand-drawn by our artists.🎨 Please see some before/after-examples of our happy customers below. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and revise your cartoon if you are not completely happy with the result.👍

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